Hi! I’m Mairead.

I have been getting to grips with mindfulness since 1999. By getting to grips with it I mean I was taught how to do it, I did it once a week, then I forgot to do it, then I remembered to do it, then I forgot again. I realised it was really useful for my sanity. I began again, did it every single day for about four months; I thought I’d never forget. I forgot.

I have started and stopped many,  many times but now I think it’s finally stuck. Now I do it every day without fail and I never want to forget it again… but if I do I will be kind to myself and I will start again.

Anyways, all that to tell you I have been having a relationship with mindfulness for twenty years and as with all relationships it’s changing and evolving. We’ve had happy times and angry times and I don’t want to speak to you times and yet I always knew she was there whenever I needed her. Back in the honeymoon years I wanted to do it right. Do it by the book, stop thinking, stay in the moment, be calm, stop feeling angry, stop being mean to my kids and my husband. I spent a long time wishing I was different than I was. I think that’s one of the reasons mindfulness and me fell out. I thought she expected more of me. She didn’t. I thought she was judging me. She wasn’t.

Now we get on much better. It all started to change when I realised my mind would never stop thinking but I could stop listening. In this blog I will be sharing my thoughts, my mindful crafting and my ordinary challenges. I’d love you to sign up and follow along.

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